Sunday, 13 March 2011

Photos: Peter Mac Kids - Ferrari Day

No speed limits, traffic or police!! Just VERY fast cars!!!! ;-)) Thanks Faddy Zouky xxx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Blog: March 2011

31st March 2011

Rafael had a "never ending birthday" weekend ;-)

He opened some of his presents before school, and was more than happy to wait until after school to open the others :-) Mind you, the 1st thing he said to me at pick up was " Mummy, before I go upstairs and get changed, can I please open my presents?" !!

All he wanted for dinner was McDonald's, so that was easy!!

The soccer season started again on Saturday morning. Dom took them off while I madly kept rolling little Brazilian sweets for the party - grrr!!!

He had his party at a bowling centre and there ended up being 16 kids!! Thankfully that centre has a host who looks after the children ;-)) After bowling, they ate hot dogs and birthday cake. Next they played Balladium and loved it!! Rafael had a fantastic party :-) We packed all of the gifts into the car and left them there ;-) as we were having a few people over for a BBQ.

Rafael had more fun, playing late into the night with his friends. A longggggggg day ;-)

At midday on Sunday, we had to go and wake him up! It was easy to get him out of bed by saying "Rafa, you need to open your gifts!" He flew out of bed and downstairs :-)))

We ended the weekend with a pizza dinner :-))) Bliss!!!! xxx

25th March 2011

Happy 7th Birthday my darling boy XXX

How lovely it was this morning to see your smiling face when you woke up and realised what day it was! And that BIG hug you gave me - felt like it was my birthday :-)))

19th March 2011

We were VERY lucky to be invited to the Peter Mac Kids Ferrari Day :-) It was held at Avalon Airport so that the cars could be off road :-) 

There were 3 ferraris and 1 porsche. I think Gabriela & Rafael went in every car - at least twice! I myself, didn't like it at all!! The lady driving the porsche was crazy and her friend ran us onto the grass in his ferrari!! The children just laughed :-)

5th March 2011

Hello, not much to report here. Life is busy! Gabriela is in Grade 3 and she has a very busy curriculum!! I can't keep up with homework, spelling, reading, singing, recorder, piano, cello ..... LOL

Rafael is doing very well in Grade 1. I am very impressed with his neat handwriting and his amazing reading :-)))) He is also learning guitar :-)

On Friday they had their Grade 1 camp, which was just an extended day at school until 8pm. He enjoyed spending the extra time with his friends :-)

Today we spent the day in Ballarat with Camp Quality. 1st we played two rounds of 18 hole mini golf - one of Rafael's favourite things!! We kept score for the 1st round but gave up on the 2nd ;-)

After a yummy BBQ lunch we headed off to Ballarat Wildlife park. We usually go there in the morning, and we've been many times. At that time, the kangaroos are usually waiting at the door for some food ;-) Today they were elsewhere in the park, resting in the sun after their busy morning! Instead, we went to each of the talks given by the keepers. We are normally gone by this time. So it was a very informative and fun day :-)) We even got to see crocodiles being feed and also Tasmanian Devils :-)))) Gabriela & Rafael patted a boa constrictor, koala and wombat too :-)))

Gabriela and I saw a kangaroo that had a joey in her pouch. She let us pat and make a fuss over the baby - too cute!!!!