Thursday, 19 May 2011

Blog: May 2011

30th May 2011

Gosh, end of May already!

We had a wonderful time at camp, especially Rafael :-) We got a little lost trying to find it in the dark - oops! 

On Saturday morning we left to drive to Keilor Park for the friendly soccer games. Our teams were "beaten" by a lot ;-) LOL It took us 1 hour to drive each way, so that meant that Gabriela and I missed out on being pampered - facial, massage, manicure etc :-((( Boohoo!!

The boys were given Survivor bandanas and put into teams. Rafael & Dom were very excited that they coincidentally received the ones from Survivor Tocantins (Brasil!!) 

We ate dinner with the boys on Saturday night and then headed back to our dorm to play games with all the other Mum's and daughters :-)) 

We came home very tired on Sunday - we had a really good weekend away :-)

At school assembly last week, Gabriela's grade sang, Gabriela received a merit certificate and both Gabriela and Rafael received their badges for their committees: G - environmental and R - social service :-))) I was so very proud of them both, took lot's of pictures!

Rafael came home from school last Thursday with a fever :-( It didn't get too high, but he didn't go to school on Friday. Of course, he was well enough for soccer on Saturday morning ;-)) xxx

19th May 2011

Oh dear, I have been very S L O W with updates this month! Can you believe this is my 1st entry - more than 1/2 way through the month ;-)

I have just started working part time and I am finally getting to enjoy it - 9 days off in a row - woohoo :-)

Have been so busy though, don't know where the time goes??

All is good here. I had a lovely Mother's Day :-) Gabriela gave me her gifts as soon as she woke up and then she made me a coffee. Rafael didn't want to give me his gifts as they were upstairs and he didn't want to go and get them ;-) LOL

We went to an Italian restaurant and had yummy pizza for lunch :-)

We are heading off to a Mum's & Girls and Lad's and Dad's camp this weekend. We are looking forward to "getting away". We will be separated at the camp, I think us gals are going to be pampered :-))

However!!! We have to interrupt the camp so that Rafael can play a soccer game against Keilor Park!! Can you believe it? Soccer is his passion and everything has to revolve around it ;-)

I wrote to Dr Peter and his nurse a few weeks ago about getting another appointment, but never heard back from them :-( So, we are really in limbo this time - have no plans and no dates :-)))

Prof Hicks and his team have won an award for a paper they wrote for a journal and he is going to the USA to accept it - SO proud of them :-)))

Promise I'll update next week xxx