Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Blog: January 2013

25th January 2013

Picked up my little happy munchkins this afternoon. Their buddies were awesome and looked after them so well. Gabriela tried surfing, but Rafael didn't want to go in the water, even with a wet suit on :-(

21st January 2013

Both Gabriela and Rafael left this morning for a 5 day camp with Camp Quality :-) The theme is Survivor Hawaii :-)

Gabriela was still a little tired, having just gotten home from camp! Rafael was a little hesitant about going.

They are staying on Wilson's Prom in south eastern Victoria.

20th January 2013

We picked up a surprisingly happy Gabriela fro Challenge House this afternoon :-) She was tired after not getting much sleep at night (the girl in her tent wouldn't stop talking!).

She had some great experiences, water skiing, wake boarding, horse riding, fun, fun and fun :-)))

17th January 2013

We didn't get to see the scan as the machine broke down 1/2 way through the scan and then they had to fix it, so it meant that the images Rod had were broken in 2.

He said that all spots showed less intensity and we'd ait for the next scan in 6 weeks :-)

Gabriela left today for a 4 day Summer Camp with Challenge :-) She is so excited about sleeping in tents!! Unfortunately, it's about 42C today and the fire danger level is very high!!!

16th January 2013

Heading off to Peter Mac this morning for the follow up scan to Rafael's last dose of Lutetium - 6 weeks ago.

Rafael has been up and down. He is well and happy and having a great time on his holidays :-)

He doesn't eat much and complains of being tired, but he has enough energy to run and play and swim!

2nd January 2013

We spent the day at RCH for Rafael to have his GFR (kidney function test). It was very quiet there,most clinics and cafes were still shut.

A friend I haven't seen for 20 years was in Melbourne so he met us there and spent the day with us too :-) It was great to have company!

We also had to pick up 1 extra dose of chemo due to the one Rafael vomited :-(

So, tonight Lela came up with a brainwave!!! She said to Rafa "If you can take these 4 pills in 1 minute, I'll give you $5" :-) Why didn't we think of that?? They went down so quickly xxx