Friday, 5 October 2012

Blog: October 2012

28th October 2012

We just completed an exhausting weekend as crew on the Ride to Conquer Cancer :-))

It was worth it - what an amazing weekend we had :-)))

Our 3 riders were awesome, especially Martin who is super fit!! He wasn't even puffing after arriving 4:35 hours later!!

Our youngest rider, Robert, really struggled with the hills in the Yarra Valley :-( He friend his best, but could not continue on the second day. We are so proud of him!!

Martin was on a mission the second day and blitzed it in 3:50 hours!! He was close to first place ;-)

Dom and i worked as part of the food service team and we helped make over 4000 cafe lattes!!!!!

Rafael's Warriors raised a whopping $17027 :-))))))))))))))))))))

The big news was the the Ride was a record breaker! Highest ever single fundraising event in Australia history - $6.2 million!!! All for research at Peter Mac :-)))))))

5th October 2012

Rafael had his check up with Dr Peter today.

Another milestone - he weighed 19.1 kgs!!!! :-)))) and is 115 cm tall xxx

All was good, Peter has booked him for another GFR to test his kidney function.

I forgot to mention that Rafa had to use a toilet at EVERY airport in the world!! Usually when we were in a long customs or security line ;-)

Peter also wrote a referral for his next GaPET scan, which is booked for 23rd November :-(