Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blog: August 2012

31st August 2012

Dom's parent s celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary today :-)

We all attended a mass where they renewed their vows and all of the grandchildren took part in the ceremony :-)

Many family and friends where there and they all came back to the house for cake and champagne!

25th August 2012

We left today for our long journey to Brasil!! Melbourne - Sydney - Santiago - Sao Paulo - Brasilia. It took 31 hours!!!!

The children handled the trip very well. Dom & I are still suffering from jet lag. I slept through the night last night, so I might be set now ;-) I am adding some photos now xxx

15th August 2012

Last night, beautiful Olivia Lambert became an Angel :-((

She has fought SO hard for the last 6 years, it just breaks my heart that she couldn't beat this beast :-((

It also shakes my belief that Rafa HAS to be a "lucky one" :-(((

I live with this in the back of my mind, all the time, but when the "big guns" lose the fight, I start to wonder ....... :-(((

You can also watch Olivia via the 60 minutes link on the homepage. I imagine that Peter Overton will be shedding a tear tonight too 


5th August 2012

We went to the Wyndham Police Station tonight for Rafael to put his sticker on their new police car. He took some friends and they had a great time touring the cells and looking at the police motor bikes as well as trying to drive the car and play with the siren - poor neighbours ;-)) 

Footnote: Jo told me that not long after, the police car was in an accident and written off :-( Darrin wasn't hurt :-) Awaiting the new car now for another sticker ;-)


  1. You make him the lucky one!!!!! Keep strong, keep believing!!! Love you, and miss you a lot!!!!! Xxxx

  2. I just feel so strongly that Rafa will beat the odds. He has been so "different" in the way he has walked the path of this terrible disease already..that just strengthens my belief. I was also thinking of Peter Overton when I heard the heartbreaking news of Olivia's passing. I can't believe she is gone.