Saturday, 29 September 2012

Blog: September 2012

29th September 2012

Finally home after 6 days of travelling - arrghhh!! Have I said how much I HATE staff travel ??

We could not get one single flight out of Brasil to Chile, we looked at going via everywhere, but not luck.

Therefore we had to fly to Atlanta and then LA, which is the 1 airport I didn't want to go to :-( We stayed at an airport hotel for 2 nights and the seat availability on the flight to Melbourne just kept getting lower and lower.

Before we had to set off to the airport for a flight that we probably wouldn't even get on, I found a flight from Hawaii to Sydney with Jetstar that had 100+ seats available :-)

So, we took another flight, stayed at another hotel and spent a night in Honolulu!!!

Made it home very tired, but not too jet lagged ;-)

24th September 2012

We've just come back to Brasilia for 10 hours!!

We spent a wonderful weekend in Rio where I celebrated my birthday in style - Sugar Loaf mountain, Ipanema beach and Porcao restaurant for dinner!!!

On Saturday we went to Corcovado early in the morning, to beat the crowds ;-)

Gabriela & Rafael LOVED seeing "Baby Jesus" :-)))

We stayed with our dear friend Sergio, in Copacabana!!! We walked to the beach.

Unfortunately, Rio was having a cold snap - it was only about 20C, so we didn't go swimming :-(

20th September 2012

This week was mostly spent catching up with friends and doing some more tourism and shopping in Brasilia. Our holiday is going so quick!

14th September 2012

We spent the last 6 days in Salvador, Bahia!!! The weather was perfect, about 32C

We stayed at a resort on the beach and we took Idayana with us. She is Dom's little sister and also Gabriela's Godmother :-)

The plan was for her to stay in 1 room with G & R and we'd have the other room.

Rafael's fever came back on the 1st night and he spent the rest of the holiday in our room ;-)))

We did not have a thermometer with us, but it seemed very high. We asked the hotel about a local pharmacy and were very surprised to learn that they have an arrangement with a local clinic and that a doctor could come and see Rafael - free of charge!

The doctor came, but she could find no reason for the fever, so we just let Rafa rest. He spent the whole day in bed, sweating and sleeping :-((

The next day he seemed better, but then the fever came back again :-( This time the Dr gave him some antibiotics and after 1 day, he was back to full strength :-))

We took a tour up to visit the Tamar turtle project at Praia da Forte and on the way back stopped at Praia Gurajuba for lunch and a swim :-)) OMG - it was heaven - I could live there ;-)

We also spent an evening in Salvador city, shopping at the markets, visiting some of the 365 churches and dining in the Pelourinho district :-)

9th September 2012

Fun times catching up with friends and having too many beers ;-)

Dom's family had a big anniversary party in a BBQ restaurant. Just the extended family was about 100!!!

They had a photographer there and we have some great shots!

Dom's favourite is the one of ALL the extended family

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