Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blog: 28th May 2014 WB Athletics Carnival

I know that I am really behind on blog updates :-(


I took Rafael to RCH yesterday for his clinic appointment. He felt like he needed a blood transfusion and I was hoping he did get one, as today his school held its athletics carnival. A boost of "red cordial" would be just the thing to help him get through the day ;-)

Alas, his count was borderline at 82 and they only transfuse at 80 or lower ;-( Bugger, just a smidgeon;-)

I have published 4 videos to YouTube showing Rafael's determination, as well as photos of the day :-)

Photo Montage

800M event

200M event

100M event

When asked to choose 4 events to compete in, Rafael chose 100m, 200m, shot put & 800m!! I'm not sure why he chose the latter or if he was even thinking about how hard it would be ;-)

Before the race he was very nervous and saying things like "I don't want to race, I'm going to come last!" The school is divided into 4 houses and I encouraged him to try anyway, at least start and gain some points for his house (Steedman).

After about 100m, Rafael stopped running and started walking. I ran across the field to catch up with him on the other side. He already had a stitch :-( He said "I can't do this! My side hurts" I asked him if it was ok if I walked along the outside of the track with him and he said yes :-)

At times he would take off running and I thought I might have to run too - no way!!! As he passed the other field events, all those children were cheering and encouraging him :-)

When he came around the home stretch, the children waiting in the stands started chanting and cheering "RAFAEL, RAFAEL" - it was a truly amazing moment to witness. I was so proud of Rafael's effort as well as the attitude of all the students at the school, supporting their little Warrior!!!!

I didn't cry (well, I would have if I'd had to run!) but I definitely had tears in my eyes as I was trying to take photos and video ;-)

After the race, another Mum came up to me and said "That kid, he had us in tears in the stands" xxx

Throughout the day, many children came up to Rafa and said  "Well done Rafa" :-)

Rafael did well in the 200m and 100m as well :-) Yes, he came last by a lot, but his little legs kept carrying him and he was very determined :-) Those same legs that 1 year ago were full of cancer and he was in so much pain that he couldn't even walk :-(

We love you Rafael!!

And extra special mention to Gabriela who is the House Captain of Steedman :-) She gave it her all too, leading by example and trying her best :-) We love you Lela!!!

ps: Dom and Gabriela flew out to Brasil after the carnival - I'm sure Lela would have been asleep before the plane took off ;-)

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